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Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Lights were added above the aft consoles. Hot brunette women nude. Unaware of La Forge's condition, Wesley shows him a portable tractor beam device and La Forge places an encouraging hand on his shoulder. Star trek naked now. Everybody outside the force field cheers for "the acting captain.

Here's how it works: The lights are hidden behind a new long blind, spanning from one side of the aft consoles to the other. On the screenshot one can actually see the door that Crusher should have been standing in front of.

The Complete Trek Voyages. The red giant is much more detailed in HD. Now get someone to the lab. Worf, on the other hand, is not infected at all. What kind of a last name is Yar anyway?

Not long after, Crusher returns and notices La Forge missing. Ahryan astyn milf soup. The less said about this episode, the better. Riker comments that he possibly was in a dry way, and inquires about the time it would take for the search. Meanwhile, Riker and MacDougal think they've found the solution. The away team brings back a virus from the research ship which has the effect of severe alcoholic intoxication. In "The Naked Now", this section is enlarged and contains a much bigger bed. Geordi's on the run!

Sarjenka's Little Brother Fri, Nov 10, She senses Yar's confusion and tries to comfort her, but Yar resists, puts the clothes down and heads for the exit, saying that she'll find what she wants in the ship's stores. Data responds to her praise by stating that he already is in many bio-mechanic texts. Riker recalls something about somebody taking a shower fully clothed before and asks Data, who seems to have no emotions apart from smugness, sets about looking.

The Search for Spock Same, started watching the series again last night and could not believe that sound actually came from the show. Only in this episode, the chief engineer's office and the console on the opposite side of main engineering feature curved glass walls that allow a force field to be erected to separate the office and the small alcove from the rest of the set.

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Connections Referenced in Star Trek: I liked this episode, being very young when I saw it, and I still do.

There's humour abounding and several scenes now considered "classic". Wesley may have bought us a few seconds, too. Milf in panties porn. Picard says Yar "has the equivalent of a snootful", but Data is unfamiliar with the term. That was a truly crappy dialogue choice, and I have no idea how all the writers and actors let it pass without protest. In sickbay, La Forge lies on a bio-bed again but is having difficulty controlling his emotions.

I just woke up my wife and my dog laughing so hard. This episode is stupid, but it's got some amusing moments. Being intoxicated, he asks Wesley how he created the field. As it spreads throughout the ship, Picard and Riker try to maintain discipline while Dr. Star trek naked now. Naked women cops. The sickbay monitors attached to the biobeds retain their interfaces originally created for "Star Trek I" and were not modified with 24th century LCARS graphics.

Take a look at our top user Valorum 's answers for an idea of the kind of quality that the best provide. The names of the stars can be made out in HD. Comments RSS for this page. Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the crew of a Starfleet starship, the USS Enterprise -D.

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Somebody blew out the hatch. Riker orders Data to report to engineering. In "The Naked Now", this section is enlarged and contains a much bigger bed. She was named for Babi Yar, the location of a WW2 massacre.

Data thinks this is impossible. Data goes to Yar's quarters and finds her provocatively dressed. She sends a message to the bridge to notify Tasha Yar of La Forge's escape. Michelle buteau nude. Wesley being a very smart kid made sense for him doing all the things apart from the last 'saving the day' act. As MacDougal attempts to sort the pile of isolinear chipsData arrives, obviously infected.

Picard acknowledges her and proceeds to sickbay while Yar leaves. The bridge has been changed slightly between the pilot and this episode. Which I guess sums up this episode.

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It's worth a peek but you won't miss out on anything if you skip it. As our community grows people join who might have missed out the first time around. The word "impossible" is an acceptable hyperbole. Nude pic tumblr. What specific TOS episode, if any, is this a reference to?

Data successfuly repairs the screen to clear the static, to which they see the bridge is empty of all loose items, and people; and is open to space; the emergency hatch was indeed blown. Pages containing links to subscription-only content Good articles Use mdy dates from January Pages using infobox television episode with incorrectly formatted episode list.

I credit his Klingon constitution. Hot ex gf nude Just as he reaches the station, Data finds the relevant information from the medical database from the old Constitution -class USS Enterprise. Star trek naked now. Only in this episode, the chief engineer's office and the console on the opposite side of main engineering feature curved glass walls that allow a force field to be erected to separate the office and the small alcove from the rest of the set. Ever since they introduced it I keep wondering that Tasha didn't accidentally grab it while he was being "fully functional" with her and end up stuck with a deactivated Data for several hours.

Wesley is showing La Forge a miniature tractor beam emitter he created. After the Tsirkovski explodes, Data says, "Captain, what we have just heard is How funny is The Naked Now?

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