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Ramirez is a very intelligent actor who "takes risks" and "starts always with the physical part of the character, and through that he enters into the spiritual side of the person," Schneider says by phone from Caracas.

He was the most beautiful man in Cannes this year, hanging out with Jude Law. I couldn't find a single verifiable source online. Bent over sexy girls. He likes loads of gay stuff on IG, just like Pedro Pascal. Jon also posed with Matthew Mcconaughey a few days ago. Edgar ramirez naked. It's like his balls are this sack, and the dick is leaning out of the sack.

They met in Milan. Heard it was huge and thick! It was the Mexican screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga "Amores Perros" who steered Ramirez toward acting after seeing him perform in a short film. But his real break came when Elia Schneider, one of Venezuela's most respected directors, cast him in "Punto y Raya" Step Forwarda black comedy about rival Colombian and Venezuelan soldiers. Jon and Edgar have known each other for a year or two.

If rumors are true, lucky guys. Video streaming lesbian. He should have been nominated for an Oscar. The guy who plays the lawyer dude. Edgar is fucking Jon Kortajarena. Swimmer Victor Davis, 25, Dies of Injuries. But you're right, r8. Who is he fucking? Supposedly fucked the real Domino Harvey when he was working on Domino, which I found very odd considering how stung out she was and looked real roughI could see him as fucking anything as long as it advanced his interests.

Have you ever had sex with a real man? Said he is a great guy, great kisser, etc. Eloisa Maturen, a journalist, dancer and producer who is the wife of Gustavo Dudamel, the Los Angeles Philharmonic's music director. Hands of Stone trailer. Raul Esparza I think not. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. I'm sure that is Edgar, he is so unique below the neck. Nude big ass black. Supposedly has a male lover, and is filming the Clash sequel with Liam Neeson right now.

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Another close Venezuelan friend likewise emphasizes Ramirez's physical approach to performing: He said his nickname for Ramirez is Blue Steel, because Ramirez is so beautiful looking with his 'chiselled features' and then Mc says 'and he opens his mouth and has that beautiful accent - he's dreamy'.

My friend sucked him off in Miami. Winx club stella naked. He has a rich guy in New York he has been seeing for a few years. I can't quite read him! Page 2 of 2. And, you only have to suffer through 20 mins to get to it.

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Edgar is totally gay. He had a boyfriend in Miami, named Ricardo. Openly bi, shows full frontal in "Carlos" a grower known for a huge thick cock. Who is he fucking? Edgar is a very handsome and talented actor, the best I have seen. Give it a try! R33 what does a Venezuelan dick look like? Maturen and Dudamel happened to run into Ramirez during filming of "Carlos," first in Berlin, where he was slim and hard as a panther, then in Paris, when he'd put on 30 pounds to play the older, dissipated killer.

He is known to have an amazing thick cock, and gorgeous hands and feet. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. Naked 1 palette sale. OP This thread is useless without pix of said dick. Edgar ramirez naked. I used to see him at Parc Hotel on West Knoll. Did he also get fucked? Besides himself and his publicist, nobody gives a shit about this guy.

Jon also posed with Matthew Mcconaughey a few days ago. The dude who works for Armani. Give it a try! His dick, if that's his, looks neither huge nor Venezuelan; and he looks better with chest hair.

They tend to be cut. Huge package, and shows it off when he strips in laundry scene. Amateur fake tits tumblr. Does anyone from Venezuela, could tell us, why they think Edgar Ramirez is gay or bisexual?

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I'm thinking of Raul Esparza, I read on tumblr he is back with chicks full time, I'll go tell them on one of his threads. He's done a few films in Europe, one with Juliette Binoche that was nothing special. Mature black women nude pics. Edgar ramirez naked. He keeps talking about how McConaughey's "his brother" and they have each other's backs. They met in Milan. Mc was effusive in the extreme, absolutely gushing. Milfs over 40 videos He cites "Dancer in the Dark," the "Matrix" trilogy and "When Harry Met Sally" among his favorite films, and says he's not sure whether his roles find him or vice-versa.

Then he got older, fat and his hotness took a major dive. Anybody know anything about the hot Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez. He has a bunch of big films coming out. It's free so why not? R6 - Here you go! Does anyone know any past lovers?

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